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Dark Backsplash with Light Granite

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October 9, 2017 Kitchen Color, Kitchen Ideas

Fresh Color Design of Kitchen Ideas

Color design of kitchen hits atmosphere of room and also influence your comfort and that of others to work or socialize in it. While scheme colors of your kitchen should match rest of your home, color should be quiet and stimulating, relaxing and inspiring. Blue and green found in nature give a feeling of relaxation kitchen space. These colors are fresh and cold work well with both modern design as a traditional one. Lighter shades of colors in a kitchen counter cold dark wood and large appliances.

Neutral color design of kitchen not translate into insurance or bored. Paint walls with brown sand, slate gray or antique white allow versatility in game of colors with art and accessories. A tea set on a bright red ceramic countertop stands to be against walls painted with little color.

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There may be more than one wall in kitchen, and not all should have same color. Use a mixture of colors color design of kitchen contrasting to create a dynamic feel. Use a warm color like red or bright yellow, to have a marked wall and paint rest with a soft white or creamy brown.

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